Education & Training

Education and Training are two major components of NAPC’s mission.  Local historic preservation commission members and municipal staff work on the front lines every day, and NAPC provides support by offering training and educational programs, technical assistance, and research tools.

Our Training and Education Programs include:

Commission Assistance and Mentoring Program (CAMP): Our signature training program that sends expert speakers to your community for a day or day-and-a-half workshop to address fundamental issues related to historic preservation commissions.
NAPC Speakers Bureau: Drawing from our national network of experts and resources, NAPC frequently provides keynote speakers and trainers for conferences and workshops. We can help find the best person to address your particular topic or issue.
Forum: NAPC’s biannual conference, bringing together commission members, staff, and preservation advocates from across the country together for a week of education, networking, and fun. Forum 2014 will be held in Philadelphia, PA – stay tuned for more information!
National Preservation Conference: Each year, NAPC holds several educational and affinity sessions in conjunction with the National Preservation Conference, including our Board of Directors meeting.
The Alliance Review: Our bi-monthly newsletter that provides timely articles on the issues local commissions and staff are facing.  The Alliance Review article archive is available online, with issues dating back to 1995.
Technical Assistance: NAPC receives daily technical assistance requests from our members and the preservation community.  We have developed a comprehensive resource library of publications, articles, and studies to help commissions and staff deal with a variety of quandaries related to local historic districts and commission operation.